Monday, June 27, 2011

Serbia Is Not Amused

The most popular (and invective-free) group -- "Boycott of Chelsea Handler until she apologizes to the Serbian people," created by the  Chicago-based Serbian anti-defamation group 28. Jun -- has more than 41,000 fans and links to an online petition supporting a boycott of Handler, E!'s parent station, NBC Universal, and the program's main corporate advertisers, including Belvedere vodka, Nikon, Samsung, and Dr. Pepper.

So far, Proops is the only party to the scandal to bow to the Serbian campaign, tweeting: "Dear Serbs, they were jokes. Please accept my apology. I am well and truly sorry. Hvala (Thank you)."

NBC Universal and E! have so far stayed mum, and Handler -- who, the Internet informs, owes Angelina Jolie an apology as well -- remains unrepentant.

Still, Serbia, regardless of whether it ever receives an apology, has scored a victory of sorts, making headlines for the better part of a week. As Aristotle might have said, there's no such thing as bad publicity.  FULL STORY

28.Jun organized the media campaign to bring attention to Chelsea Handler's xenophobic comments about Serbia. We were very successful in our quest which received mainstream media attention in both the US and Serbia. Below are a few of the more prominent media outlets that picked up the story:

NY Daily News

Perez Hilton


The Hollywood Reporter

Digital Spy