Monday, February 6, 2012

28. Jun Facebook page passes 10,000 members

We are delighted to announce our Facebook page has surpassed 10,000 members in just over 6 months! Based on Facebook 'insights' the organization is largely youth-driven with roughly 80% of members being under 34 years old. The gender composition is nearly equal with males making up a small majority. Most members in the Balkans come from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia. While the majority of diaspora members come from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Austria.

The numbers show 28. Jun is unique in its ability to attract young members who have shown to be apathetic to established Serbian political parties and organizations. Constructive causes, media coverage and creative campaigns have played vital roles in our growth and development. We encourage everyone to 'like' our page and continue to support us in our projects.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Serbs won't watch Angelina's Film

Inače, zbog velikog nezadovoljstva srpske zajednice organizacija „28. jun“ pokrenula je i peticiju, koju je za samo jedan dan potpisalo više od 1.000 ljudi.

Osnivač ove organizacije Filip Filipi, Kanađanin rodom iz Beograda, poručio je Žolijevoj da joj nedostaje orijentacija za davanje politički zapaljivih izjava koje se odnose na integritet teritorije Republike Srpske.

- Vaša uloga u pravljenju ovog filma je opasna jer ste prezentovali iskrivljenu istoriju publici koja nije upućena u pozadinu konflikta - naveo je Filipi u pismu Žolijevoj. FULL STORY

The article acknowledges the role 28. Jun's petition played in the likely cancellation of Angelina Jolie's movie showing in Serbia. We are thankful that our work is being recognized and urge everyone to sign the petition which has now accumulated over 1,500 signatures.