Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open letter from the President of 28. Jun

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this open letter to members of the press, members of the Church and most importantly to members and contributors of 28. Jun. I hope to dispel all defamatory falsifications spewed by several uninformed individuals and furthermore enlighten everyone on the sacrifices and hard work which has made our consequent success possible.

For the past 15 months I have worked 7 days a week and spent over $30,000 of my personal funds on two projects - 'Boj za Kosovo' and 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod' to donate and deploy medical containers to Kosovo, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Krajina and Southern Serbia. Despite various obstacles from Serbia's belligerent neighbors which required borderline masochistic resolve to overcome, the most frequent and most severe road blocks have come from our own compatriots. We have worked extremely hard to overcome predictable dubiousness and reluctance with perseverance and results. One of the lows of my recent 3.5 month tour of North America was when in New York I was asked what personal benefit I had from the campaigns. I came to Canada as a refugee of the Krajina war and my grandmother is from Kosovo. If I should so lose the ability to empathize with my own people who are suffering, and help them only out of personal benefit, my life will lose its meaning.

I am aware that there have been incidents of fraud by Serbian charities, I stand indignant at these shameful acts, and this is exactly why 28. Jun was borne of purity in response, and has been run with pristine honesty and integrity. We have successfully and incontestably  inspired the zeal in the Serbian youth and have organized them in a positive way to help their brothers and sisters in their homeland. Innumerous people who are able, are choosing to abstain from helping, so I beseech everyone who has already decided not to help to at least not make our work even harder by baselessly defacing our name and reputation with false accusations and rumors.

So we don't begin the New Year on a solemn note, to conclude this letter I am proud to announce that we will be sending an additional container to Krajina. This will bring the total number of containers we plan to send in one year's time to 5. One has already arrived and the second is schedules to arrive in Visegrad in 2 weeks' time. I want to send out a heart-felt thank you to our supporters and extend my personal gratitude.


Filip Filipi
President and Founder
28. Jun

NB - For all advocates to our cause and doubters alike, please find the following Q&A a testament to our absolution

Question: Did 28. Jun send a medical container sent to Kosovo Albanians while publicly claiming it was being sent to Kosovo Serbs?

Answer: No, the container was sent to the Health Center Gracanica which is entirely administered by Serbs and exclusively treated Serbs. Upon arrival to Kosovo it was processed by the director of Health and Social Protection of Gracanica, Bojan Todorovic. It arrived on June 28th, 2012 after traveling from Seattle, WA via Thessaloniki, Greece for 64 days.

Video of the container arriving:

Photos of the container arriving:

Article about the container arriving by Kosovo Serb press:

Articles about the container arriving by the entire Serbian media:

Thank you letter from the Health Center Gracanica:

Question: Does 28. Jun exaggerate the worth of the medical supplies it sends?

Answer: No, 28. Jun's containers are over 40 feet long and weigh over 11,000 lbs. Each container has over 3,000 different items of various medical equipment. We customize the contents of each container so it is most beneficial to the medical center which will receive it. For example for the Visegrad container we were able to include 1 ton of winter clothes from Nordstrom because the inhabitants of the refugee camp near the hospital were in dire need of winter clothes. The estimates for the value of the containers come from the Eagle's Nest Foundation which has been sending medical containers all over the world since 2003.

Link to packing list to Gracanica container:

Eagle's Nest Foundation website:

Question: Does 28. Jun send expired medical supplies?

Answer: No, all medical supplies and equipment sent by 28. Jun is of the highest quality and definitely NOT expired. The supplies is tripled checked first by the donor, then by 28. Jun members, then by the receiving institution. 28. Jun was formed to help Serbs in need and would never endanger their health with expired or compromised medical supplies. 28. Jun's first container to Kosovo encountered complications because the Slovenian/Macedonian company contracted to transport the container from the port of Thessaloniki to Gracanica didn't fulfill their obligation and failed to send a truck to pick it up. We then had to find a new company while the container sat in the port (for which we had to pay daily storage fees) and this unforeseen duration lead to less than 1% of the supplies passing their expiration date. All the expired supplies were destroyed at the Kosovo border and despite all the obstacles which were out of our control we managed to deliver the container to Gracanica with the usable supplies. We have since established a partnership with a Greek shipping company and have taken all possible steps to make sure our containers are never again held at ports so not even 1% of supplies become expired.

Website for our shipping agents:

Question: Is 28. Jun a registered organization?

Answer: Yes, we are a registered Not-for-profit Corporation in Canada. Our date of incorporation is 2012-07-31 and our corporation number is 822217-7. With this registration we can legally collect donations in any country in the world. We have started the process to become a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in the US, Australia, Germany and the UK as well. The reason we registered late is because when we first started we only wanted to raise money for Kosovo as a one-time project and never intended to become the biggest Serbian organization in the world in such a short time.

Link to our Certificate of Incorporation:

Link to our Not-for-profit Corporation status on Industry Canada's site:

Question: Why isn't 28. Jun transparent with its finances?

Answer: 28. Jun is the most transparent Serbian organization in the world. While other organizations post fancy graphs of how much money they receive and where they receive it from none of them reveal what exactly all the money is spent on. 28. Jun is completely transparent with what all the money is spent on. Also while other organizations pay for salary of their members 28. Jun doesn't pay any salary and each member is a dedicated volunteer and donor. Furthermore, all promotional trips and expenses are paid for entirely by members. More than half of the roughly $100,000 28. Jun has gone through since it was established has been personal donations from its founding members. As far as we know no youth based organization in the world is as generous and self sacrificing as ours. We have no rich corporate donors, nor do we receive funding from any state yet even with our humble budget through hard work and ingenuity we have completed half of our plan to send $5 mil worth of medical supplies to Serbs in need throughout the Balkans.

Budget for 'Boj za Kosovo'

Budget (half way) for 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod'

Questions: What motivation would other individuals/organizations have to spread slanderous lies about 28. Jun?

Answer: It is understandable that reception of a relatively new organization is always going to have mixed responses, especially one that publicizes such great accomplishments in such a short space of time. Furthermore, those who choose to so publicly defame the name and intentions of the organization lack the sense of establishment or credulity in themselves to be a trusted voice of reason. It remains in the righteous judgement of the people to decide where they can place their trust, though 28. Jun continues to demonstrate the fruits of our labor and heart behind the tribulations in the path of salvation.

Video highlighting 28. Jun's work:


Pišem ovo otvoreno pismo svim novinarima i članovima Crkve, a pogotovo svim članovima i donatorima organizacije „28. Jun“. Moja želja jeste da razvejem sve klevetničke falsifikacije koje su izjavljivali neki neinformisani ljudi i štaviše da prosvetlim javnost o žrtvovanju i napornom radu koji su direktno doprineli našem postignutom uspehu.

U proteklih 15 meseci, sam lično uložio svakodnevni rad, kao i $30 000 „iz svog džepa“ zarad dva velika projekta – „Boj za Kosovo“ i „Srpske zemlje, srpski rod“. Ovim projektima smo donirali i poslali kontejnere sa medicinskom opremom za Kosovo, Republiku Srpsku, Crnu Goru, Krajinu i južnu Srbiju. Uprkos raznoraznim preprekama sa ratobornim komšijama Srbije, koje su zahtevale mazohističku posvećenost, kako bi se obišle, najčešće i najozbiljnije blokade su se ispoljavale od strane naših sunarodnika. Napornim radom smo uspeli da prevaziđemo neizbežnu sumnju upornošću i rezultatima prethodnog rada. Jedan od najtužnijih momenata, moje tri-i-po mesečne turneje po Severnoj Americi, jeste bio kada me u Nju Jorku neko pitao koju ličnu korist imam od kampanja 28. Jun-a. Ja sam se u Kanadu preselio kao izbeglica rata u Krajini i moja baka je bila sa Kosova. Vodim se svojom povezanošću sa svojim narodom i njihovim, tj. našim mukama – kad bih izgubio želju da im nesebično pomognem, moj život bi ujedno izgubio smisao.

Vrlo sam svestan da je bilo incidenata zloupotrebljenja srpskih humanitarnih kampanja i ogorčen sam na ova sramna dela – što je i razlog osnivanja organizacije „28. Jun“.  Ova organizacija je zbog ovoga, vođena , isključivo poštenjem i itegritetom. Uspešno i nepobitno smo inspirisali srpsku omladinu, usmerivši ih na pozitivan put ka pružanju pomoći svojoj braći i sestrama, u rodnoj zemlji. Brojni pojedinci, koji su u poziciji, suzdržavaju se od pružanja pomoći, pa bih molio one koji su već tako odlučili da bar ne staju na put onima koji žele da pomognu, svojim neosnovanim optužbama, upućenim našoj organizaciji, kao i njenoj reputaciji.

Kako bismo izbegli početak Nove godine, lošim vestima, voleo bih da privedem ovo pismo kraju, obaveštenjem da ćemo poslati dodatni kontejner za Krajinu. Ovom pošiljkom će se broj istih zaključiti na 5. Jedna pošiljka je već dostavljena, a tek treba u Višegrad da stigne, za otprilike, dve nedelje. Srdačno pozdravljam podržavaoce organizacije i lično Vam se svima zahvaljujem.


Filip Filipi
Osnivač i predsednik
28. Jun

Za sve podržavaoce našeg rada kao i one koji sumnjaju u isti, u narednom tekstu će naći pitanja i odgovore koji služe kao potvrda naše legitimnosti.

Pitanje: Da li je organizacija „28. Jun“ poslala medicinski kontejner kosovskim albancima, tvrdeći u medijima da je zapravo poslat srbima na Kosovu?

Odgovor: Ne, kontejner je poslat Kliničkom Centru „Gračanica“ kojeg vode Srbi i u kojem se leče isključivo Srbi. Po dolasku na Kosovo je obrađen od strane Bojana Todorovića, direktora zdravstvene i socijalne zaštite Gračanice. Stigao je 28. juna, 2012. nakon dugog puta iz Sijetla, VA, preko Soluna u Grčkoj, od 64 dana.

Snimak dolaska kontejnera:

Slike dolaska kontejnera:

Medijsko pokriće dolaska kontejnera srpsko-kosovskih izvora:

Pokriće dolaska kontejnera u srpskim medijima:

Pismo zahvalnosti od Kliničkog Centra „Gračanica“:

Pitanje: Da li „28. Jun“ preuveličava vrednost medicinske opreme koju šalje?

Odgovor: Ne, kontejneri koje šalje „28. Jun“ su preko 12 metara dugački i 5000kg teški. Svaki kontejner nosi preko 3000 različitih vrsti medicinskih aparata i opreme. Mi punimo kontejnere tako da sadržaj svakog moze da služi ličnim potrebama svakog pojedinačnog Centra. Na primer, za Višegrad smo pored medicinske opreme, poslali i zimsku garderobu iz butika „Nordstrom“ ukupno tešku 900 kg, budući da je bila preko potrebna stanovnicima izbegličkog kampa u blizini.  Procene za vrednost kontejnera obezbedili su članovi fondacije „Orlovo gnezdo“ (Eagle’s Nest Foundation) koji šalju medicinske kontejnere po celom svetu još od 2003. godine.

Link gde se može videti spisak opreme za pakovanje kontejnera, za Gračanicu:

Veb sajt fondacije „Orlovo gnezdo“:

Pitanje: Da li organizacija „28. Jun“ šalje opremu kojoj je istekao rok trajanja?

Odgovor: Ne, sva medicinska oprema i svi aparati koje je organizacija „28. Jun“ poslala su od najvišeg kvaliteta i definitivno im nije istekao rok trajanja. Opremu su proveravali prvo donatori iste, zatim članovi „28. Jun-a“, i na kraju radnici institucije koji  prime pošiljku. „28. Jun“ je osnovana kako bi pomogla Srbima kojima je ta pomoć potrebna, i nikada ne bi rizikovala njihovo zdravlje i dobrobit isteklom ili kompromitovanom opremom. Prvi kontejner koji je poslat od strane „28. Jun-a“ za Kosovo, susreo se sa nekoliko komplikacija zato što slovensko-makedonska kompanija sa kojom se ugovorio transport kontejnera iz luke u Solunu za Gracanicu, nije ispunila svoju obavezu i nisu uspeli da pošalju kamion da ga pokupi. Dok je kontejner čekao, u luci smo morali da nađemo drugu kompaniju za transport (i ujedno morali da pokrivamo dnevne troškove skladištenja), pa je ova nepredviđena komplikacija dovela do isteka roka valjanosti nekih preparata (manje od 1%). Svi istekli preparati bačeni su na granici sa Kosovom i uprkos svih prepreka koje jesu bile van naše kontrole, uspeli smo da dostavimo kontejner pun važeće opreme u Gračanicu. Posle tog incidenta smo uspostavili partnerstvo sa grčkom kompanijom za transport, i preduzeli sve ostale mere kako bismo izbegli ponovno zadržavanje nasih kontejnera na granicama, pa samim tim izbegli i istek čak i 1% zaliha.

Veb sajt grčke kompanije za transport:

Pitanje: Da li je „28. Jun“ registrovana organizacija?

Odgovor: Da, mi smo registrovana neprofitna korporacija u Kanadi. Naš datum osnivanja je 31. jul, 2012. godine i broj registracije jeste 822217-7. Uz registraciju možemo legalno sakupljati sredstva iz bilo koje zemlje na svetu. Započeli smo proces da postanemo 501©(3) Neprofitna Organizacija u SAD, Australiji, Nemackoj i u Velikoj Britaniji. Kasno smo se registrovali zato što smo u početku mislili da će naš rad da se završi sa jednim projektom prikupljanja sredstava za Kosovo, i nikada nismo sanjali da ćemo postati jedna od najvećih srpskih organizacija na svetu, za tako malo vremena.

Link gde se može videti sertifikat inkorporacije:

Link gde se može videti naš status neprofitne korporacije na sajtu Industrija Kanade:

Pitanje: Zašto „28. Jun“ ne prilaže potpunu transparentnost?

Odgovor: „28. Jun“ je najtransparentnija srpska organizacija na svetu. Dok druge organizacije prilazu otmene grafikone koje pokazuku koliko novca se prima i odakle, ni jedna od njih zapravno ne pokazuje na šta se taj isti novac troši. „28. Jun“ je potpuno transparentna što se tiče pokazivanja toga. Takođe, dok druge organizacije izdavaju plate svojim članovima, „28. Jun“ ne praktikuje to, jer je njen svaki član posvećeni volonter i donator. Dakle, sva promotivna putovanja i troškovi se isključivo pokrivaju „iz džepova“ članova. Više od polovine (~$100,000) prilioženog „28. Jun-u“ od dana nastanka, bile su lične donacije osnivača organizacije. Koliko mi znamo, ni jedna studentska organizacija na svetu nije toliko milosrdna i samopožrtvovana kao naša. Mi nemamo bogate korporacije za donatore, niti primamo donacije iz nekog državnog fonda, ali i sa skromnim budžetom, kao i upornim radom i oštrim umovima, priveli smo kraju polovinu projekta slanja medicinske opreme u vrednosti od $5 miliona, Srbima po Balkanu.

Budžzet za ’Boj za Kosovo’:

Budžet (pola) za 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod'

Pitanje: Koji razlog bi druge organizacije i pojedinci imali za širenje klevetničke laži o „28. Jun-u“?

Odgovor: Razumljivo je da će svi imati različite reakcije na prijem relativno nove organizacije, naročito ako javno prikazuje velike uspehe u tako kratkom vremenskom periodu. Takođe, oni koji se odluče da tako javno oklevetaju ime i namere organizacije, nemaju SMISAO OSNIVANJA niti kredibilitet u sebi samima da bi bio pouzdan glas razuma. Na kraju je do presude ljudi u odluci o postavljanju poverenja u koga i šta, mada „28. Jun“ nastavlja da demonstrira plodove našeg rada i srca u svojem stradanju na putu do spasenja.

Video klip koji prikazuje rad 28. Juna: