Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Blessings for 28. Jun from Serbian Orthodox Church

28. Jun has secured blagoslovs (official blessings) from Vladika Irinej of Australia and New Zealand and Bishop Fotije of the Dalmatia Eparchy. This adds to the previous support given to our organization by the Church and will be very helpful as we raise funds to ship a 40 ft. container filled with humanitarian supplies to Serbs in Krajina.

We have already successfully delivered two 10 ton containers to Serbs in Gracanica, Kosovo i Metohija and Visegrad, Republika Srpska. The final goal of the 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod' project is to deliver 5 containers before June 28th 2013.

Additionally our members in Chicago held a meeting with Metropolitan Amfilohije and he has also agreed to bless this project and assist with our container intended for Berane, Montenegro. Blagoslovi are below:

Organizacija “28.Jun” je dobila blagoslov od Njegovog Preosveštenstva Episkopa australijsko-novozelandskog G. Irineja i Njegovog Preosveštenstva Episkopa dalmatinskog G. Fotija za organizaciju humanitarne akcije “Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod.” Ovi Arhijerejski blagoslovi kao i dosadašnja podrška Srpske Pravoslavne Crkve pružaju veliku pomoć našoj organizaciji u prikupljanju potrebnih sredstava za pomoć Srbima u Krajini.

Nasa organizacija do sada je uspešno dostavila dvadeset tona humanitarne pomoći Srbima u Gračanici, Kosovo i Metohja i u Višegradu, Republika Srpska.  Cilj humanitarne akcije “Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod” je da dostavi  još tri kontejnera humanitarne pomoći Srbima u Krajini, Beranama i Nišu do 28. Juna 2013 godine. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

28. Jun upcoming events

It's been a while since we sent an update on 28. Jun events but we have been very active since, holding events all over the world. In addition to collecting funds for the 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod' initiative, 28. Jun members educated the public on past, current and future projects and how they directly benefit Serbs in need. We are will hold more fundraisers and information seminars in North America, Europe and Australia until we complete the project in late June. So far we have held events in about one third of the 120 cities we plan to engage for this campaign. Anyone interested in helping or attending is welcome to contact us at Check below for upcoming and past events:


TORONTO - Friday, February 22, 2013
OTTAWA - Friday, March 8, 2013
MILWAUKEE - Saturday, March 16, 2013



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update on 28. Jun's shipment to Serbs in Kosovo

28. Jun strives for excellence in our humanitarian work to ensure the efforts and resources of our donors and members are optimized in helping Serbs in need. For this reason we did a follow up with the Medical Center Gracanica, half a year after they received our humanitarian shipment, to see how the aid was being utilized, what complications if any they experienced and how we can help more effectively in the future. They replied to our inquiry the next day with a letter (below in Serbian and English translation) and photograph. 


Pre svega zelimo da vam se jos jednom zahvalimo u ime svih zdravstvenih radnika, naravno I pacijenata, na velikodusnoj pomoci koju ste nam uputili. Mozemo samo da potvrdimo da je pomoc stigla letos, posle kraceg zadrzavanja na carini, ali uz pomoc Odeljenja za Zdravstvo Opstine Gracanica, problem administrativne prirode je resen. Odeljenje za Zdravstvo Opstine Gracanica je preuzelo pomoc sa carine uz prisustvo predstavnika KFOR koji su nadgledali transport i celu proceduru dopremanja pomoci. Distribuciju pomoci je izvrsilo Odeljenje za Zdravstvo Opstine Gracanica a mi smo jedan deo te pomoci dobili za potrebe Doma Zdravlja. Pomoc koju smo dobili distribuirali smo sluzbama doma zdravalja. Isticemo da zdravstvene usluge nase ustanove ne koriste samo pacijenti sa centralnog Kosova, vec I pacijenti iz Pomoravlja, Sirinicke Zupe i Gore. Trudimo se da svakome pomognemo u okviru nasih mogucnosti.

Kolegijum lekara Doma zdravlja Gracanica

          Dear Sir/Madam
First and foremost, we would once again like to express how grateful we are, in the name of all health workers, as well as patients, for the generous aid you have sent our way. We can verify that the humanitarian aid arrived last summer, after a short delay at customs, and that with the help of Department of Health of Gracanica, the problem, which was of administrative nature, was resolved. Department of Health of Gracanica retrieved the aid from customs along with KFOR representatives, who supervised the transport and entire procedure of the parcel delivery. Department of Health of Gracanica dealt with the distribution of the aid, and we received a part of the said aid as per the need of the Health Center. The received help was further distributed amongst departments of the Health Center. We would like to make it clear that health services of our institution are available to not only patients from central Kosovo, but from Pomoravlje, Sirinicka Zupa and Gora. We try to help everyone however much is in our power.

Collegiate of Doctors from the Health Center Gracanica