Sunday, April 21, 2013

28. Jun Slatka Humanitarna Akcija // Easter Bake Sale

One day - Six Continents - 20 cities
sweetest humanitarian action Serbian diaspora has ever seen

What we are going to do!
- in a single day we are going to raise $15,000, and not a single penny less

How we are going to do it
- we are going sell home baked cookies

- On May 5, na Uskes (Easter)

- in front of Serbian churches on six continents and 20 different cities

- Because we can truly make difference

Will it be successful?
- Yes, and I will tell you why!
First we are not asking for just donations, you are actually giving something in return, people like to get something back. These are serbian home baked cookies, everyone likes them, especially kids. Women are going to make big part in this and usually they have tendency to follow through :). We are going to coordinate and promote it all over the Internet, with a single (same) approach.

What do you need to do.

- Contact your local church, talk to Priest and introduce Jun28 - explain what we stand for, what we did so far, and why this fundraiser is important for you and Serbia.
- Get Permission- This is going to be most important step

Now fun and easy part begins...

- talk to your mama, tetka, strina, baka, komšinica Mileva, Ruža, drugaricom, devojkom....who ever
- If there is  Kolo Srpskih Sestara, talk to them

Once you have permission from the church and commitment from several wonderful ladies to make cookies let us know and we can help you coordinate and make it great.

These are some of the examples you can set it up so it is successful:

STEP1: After receiving permission from the church, and pledge from people to make cookies - Create FaceBook Event


STEP2 : Let the people know what you are going to do, get few people involved, there is no way you can do it yourself

STEP3: Order boxes from the internet, they shold be 8x8, and on average they cost between $30 to $50 for 150-250 boxes, I can give you where to buy in US, but for other places you will have to research.

STEP4: Get labels 5x2 inches, and write message, it look nice :)

STEP5: Print posters, organize where people are going to drop cookies, and pack them and sell them :)

Join the event on Facebook and email if you need more assistance/info!