Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Floods in Eastern Serbia. Help Needed

New floods in the Balkans isolated parts of eastern Serbia on Monday as swollen rivers swept away roads and bridges, cutting power supplies and phone lines. Emergency measures have been declared in the hardest-hit municipalities where heavy rains caused rivers to burst banks and surge into villages, flooding homes and streets.

28. Jun is seeking the public's assistance to help pay for the transportation of much needed humanitarian aid which includes hygiene supplies, medicine and food to the flood victims. 28. Jun is partnered with the Red Cross in Serbia and has successfully delivered over 150 tons of aid to those effected by the devasting May floods.

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Name: 28. JUN
Transit number: 08160 Bank Account number: 1009299
Bank institution number: 003 Swift Code: ROYCCAT2 Routing/ABA number: 021000021
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

28. Jun concludes project to help vulnerable children with big delivery

28. Jun in partnership with the Red Cross and the Ministry of Youth and Sport delivered 10 pallets of diapers, blankets, clothes, hygiene products and laptops with software for the blind to the Dom 'Veternik' center disabled children and youth in Novi Sad. The delivery was made as part of the 'Njihova buducnost, nasa duznost' ('Their Future, Our Responsibility) project to aid vulnerable children in Serbia which we had to pause to focus on emergency flood relief.

To complete the project 28. Jun also donated all proceeds from our humanitarian art show in Toronto to our partners at the Vlade Divac foundation to help renovate the Elementary school “Milija Rakić” in Cerovac, near Smederevska Palanka. The school has been flooded by May rains and needed to be reconstructed. The school is attended by 16 pupils from 1st to 4th grade.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovicic expressed his satisfaction with the work and successes of 28. Jun, both in Serbia and in the Diaspora. "The Ministry of Youth and Sports is supporting the project 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' as being implemented by 28. Jun. The Ministry supports legitimate initiatives and concrete actions which contribute to ending the emigration of Serbs by empowering and motivating young people to stay in our country. 28. Jun is very active in the philanthropic sphere, with a special focus on the most vulnerable members of the population: children and young people."- said Udovicic.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Još 50 tona pomoći humanitarne organizacije “28.Jun” stiglo iz Toronta i Čikaga

Saopštenje za medije

Još 50 tona pomoći humanitarne organizacije “28.Jun” stiglo iz Toronta i Čikaga

Beograd, 4.9.2014 - Humanitarna organizacija “28. jun” je isporučila još 50 tona humanitarne pomoći, koja je brodom stigla iz Toronta i Čikaga u Srbiju. Pomoć je stigla krajem prošle nedelje i već je u procesu ditribucije područiju koje je stradalo u poplavama. Donaciju je primio Crveni krst i zajedno sa volonterima organizacije “28.Jun”, isporučili su prvu pomoć, sredstva za higijenu kao i proizvode i hranu za bebe, onima koji su stradali u poplava koje su obuhvatile Čačak.
Ovo je treći deo velike pomoći koju je “28.Jun” prikupio za nastardale u poplavama, kako bi njihov oporavak bio lakši i povratak normalnim životima brži. Prvi deo pomoći je stigao kamionima iz kontinenatlne Evrope, odmah nakon nesreće koja je zadesila Srbiju. Drugi talas humanitarne pomoći stigao je avionima iz Toronta i Čikaga, a najveći deo proizvoda stigao je brodom. Humanitarna organizacija “28. Jun” planira još jednu veliku pošiljku kako bi se mnogobrojin problemi, posle poplava, olakšali i završili.

Izvršni director humanitaren organizacije “28.Jun” Aleksandar Jovičić je rekao: "Sa našom najnovijom isporukom pomoći u grad Čačak koja je bila preko potrebna, pre svega sredstva za higijenu, nastavili smo da pružamo hitnu pomoć tamo gde je najpotrebnija. Mi ćemo nastaviti sa našim naporima, uprkos teškoćama na koje nailazimo, da kao humanitarna organizacija pomažemo našem narodu kada je u nevolji."
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50 tons of aid from Toronto and Chicago Arrives to Serbia, Distribution Underway

28. Jun is pleased to announce the 50 tons of humanitarian aid we shipped from Toronto and Chicago arrived to Serbia last week and is already being distributed to flood victims. The donation was received by the Red Cross and 28. Jun volunteers delivered hygiene products and baby food to those effected by the floods in Cacak immediately after the aid cleared customs.

This is the third major donation delivered by 28. Jun for flood relief. The first response came from trucks in continental Europe in the immediate aftermath, the second wave of aid was flown in from Toronto and Chicago as soon as it was collected in North America and most recent delivery arrived via ship. 28. Jun plans one more major shipment to conclude the post-flood relief efforts.

28. Jun Executive Director Aleksandar Jovicic said "With our most recent aid delivery to the city of Cacak which was in dire need of basic supplies, we have continued bringing immediate assistance to wherever it is needed the most. We will continue our efforts despite the hardships we've endured as an organization in the interest of helping our Serbian people who are in need."

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