Friday, October 2, 2015

Israeli Organization Helps 28. Jun Realize Massive Humanitarian Project

BELGRADE – The multinational humanitarian organization 28. Jun today announced the successful completion of a 4-year long initiative to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies to the Western Balkans.
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The final delivery was made possible by a generous donation from the Israeli advocacy organization StandWithUs. Since 2011 28. Jun successfully completed 5 projects which encompassed 22 deliveries of aid to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Kosovo. The aid was transported from North America via ship and from Western and Central Europe via truck. The organization now plans to tackle economic and social issues plaguing the region in collaboration with international partners in addition to its humanitarian efforts.

Photo: Supplied

Founded in 2011 and registered as a Canadian Not-for-profit in 2012, to date 28. Jun has delivered 170 tons of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief aid worth over $4.4 mil to the Western Balkans. During the 2014 Southeast Europe floods 28. Jun airlifted 30,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief into Belgrade from Toronto. It was the largest airborne donation Serbia received by a non-state actor during the natural disaster. StandWithUs is the leading pro-Israel education and advocacy organization with a mission to inform the public about Israel and combat extremism and anti-Semitism around the world. Based in Los Angeles, StandWithUs has sixteen offices across the U.S., and in Israel, Australia and the UK.

“The Serbian and Jewish peoples have shared a long history of oppression and persecution. We’ve shared the horror of the Jasenovac concentration camp. Now, free in our homelands, Serbia and Israel have the opportunity to share a thriving future. On behalf of the Israeli people, StandWithUs is proud to contribute toward Serbian flood relief in the hopes of continuing and growing our historical friendship,” said Michael Dickson, StandWithUs Director.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy Shapiro, the Midwest Coordinator for StandWithUs, in Chicago last year and we’ve been looking for the right project to collaborate on since. StandWithUs and the Israeli people assisted 28. Jun and the Serbian people in a crucial time by helping us complete this massive humanitarian project. We will continue to work together closely in the future as we make the progression to cultural and economic exchanges,” Filip Filipi Jankovic, President of “28. Jun” said.